“For we do not preach, nor do we want to preach, anything else but what you yourself read in the Scriptures of the prophets and apostles.”
(Martin Luther)

Christ Lutheran Church is…

A Biblical Church
The Holy Bible is the only source from which all our preaching and teaching flows. Because the Bible is the Word of the holy Triune God, the one true God, it is truth and the truth does not change.

A Confessional Church
We humbly follow our forefathers in the faith. Everything we believe and teach is found in the 1580 “Book of Concord”, which we believe is a correct exposition of Holy Scripture. We are a congregation of the American Association of Lutheran Churches.

A Sacramental Church
We believe that God is abundantly rich in grace and promises to give us forgiveness of sin and every spiritual blessing where He has promised to meet us—in word, water, bread, and wine. Therefore we baptize, serve the Lord’s Supper and pronounce Absolution. The water and the word of Holy Baptism washes away sin, connects us with Jesus’ death and resurrection and brings us into God’s holy family, the Church. In the Lord’s Supper Jesus joins His Body and Blood to the bread and wine giving us the forgiveness of sin and strengthening our faith.

A Liturgical Church
Also known to some as “traditional” worship, we follow a historic liturgy grounded in the life of God’s people reaching back all the way to Old Testament times. The liturgy transcends time and place and is the language and culture of the Church.

A Catholic (Universal) Church
We believe that one Church will endure forever. It is made up of all who trust in Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of sins—beginning with Adam and Eve—no matter where or when they live. Part of the Church is here on Earth, called the “Church Militant” because we are still fighting sin and the devil—that’s us now. Part of that Church is in heaven, the “Church Triumphant”, because by the grace of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit these Christians remained in the faith until death and now their souls are in heaven in bliss awaiting the resurrection of the of the body on the Last Day.