Mission of the Month

August Missions of the Month:  Lutheran Bible Translators

 Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) has been bringing the Scriptures to people without the Bible for 50 years. An independent Lutheran mission organization, their missionary efforts are funded completely by the generous donations of churches and individuals.

Starting in Liberia and Sierra Leone, they have grown to 78 missionaries serving in 17 countries on 5 continents. LBT missionaries, working with local churches and partners, have helped translate over 30 New Testaments, making God’s Word available to more than 7 million people. But there are still more than 4,000 languages in the world have no portion of the Scriptures translated into their language. This represents over 350 million people.

Translation is at the heart of what LBT does, but it is only the beginning. LBT missionaries organize and help co-ordinate literacy and Scripture Engagement programs. Those who can learn to read obviously benefit from the printed New Testament translations. For those who cannot read they develop other types of communication and media, including CD’s and DVD’s. LBT missionaries also encourage, promote and help develop use of local music and instruments for worship and liturgies.

As people use, study, and share Scripture, their lives are transformed through God’s grace and the Holy Spirit. LBT believe all people should have the opportunity to understand God’s Good News as presented in the Scriptures. No language or cultural barrier should prevent people from having access to God’s Word.

Please prayerfully consider a donation to this month’s chosen mission. You may make checks payable to Christ Lutheran Church. Thank you for your continued support in our mission “To know Christ and to make Him known.”