Missions and Outreach

Christ Lutheran Church is reaching out at home and across the world to further our mission "to know Christ and to make Him known." We contribute to various missions and outreach programs on a routine basis on the second Sunday of each month (MISSION SUNDAY). Envelopes will be available in the pew card holders to place mission offerings in. If members choose to designate a different mission they may indicate that on the envelope. This is a partial listing of the missions CLC contributes to:

CLC is very active in distributing food to Union Gospel Mission and Genesis House. The first Sunday of the month is FOOD SHELF SUNDAY. Please remember to bring an item or two to help those less fortunate. Cash donations are also accepted. And if you forget, you can always bring it the next Sunday. Deliveries to the site are on the 1st of each month
0726_Couples_Dance_106x141The Husband and Wife Three Cord Ball is another outreach that we provide that enables the husbands and wives to bond together for a night of dinner and dancing. Husbands & wives are invited to share a special evening together conversing over dinner, while being encouraged by a Christian message on marriage.Taken from Ecclesiastes 4:12, "A cord of three strands is not easily broken." A threefold cord is not quickly broken or "in haste"; as two are better than one, so three or more united together is better still (you, your mate and God); they are able to make head against an enemy (Satan). While it remains twisted together, it is not easily broken, but if the threads are untwisted and unloosed, they are soon snapped asunder.
Husband & Wife Valentine Ball
CLC not only contributes financially to MN Teen Challenge as part of our Mission of the Month, but they also provide music and witnessing at a service during the month of October. What a wonderful group of men this is and we are not only encouraged but spiritually uplifted by their stories and devotion to God.
CLC has provided "kettle supply" for many years. Our congregational members routinely "man" the kettles for our local Salvation Army. It is not only an uplifting experience but very rewarding one as well. In addition, our members have also donated many toys to the Salvation Army's Toyland Express ministry.
Our thanks to those who have contributed so generously. Your contributions do make a difference.